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Post Info TOPIC: SUNDAY MORNING SPIRITUAL MEETING 10 A.M. (EST) - TOPIC: Where in nature have I found evidence of a Higher Power?

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SUNDAY MORNING TOPIC: Where in nature have I found evidence of a Higher Power? "Bear Tracks"

Here is a photo of the Bear tracks under my prayer tree referred to in my share this morning.

(The story of my prayer tree is also posted at: http://meetinginfo.activeboard.com/t53296810/wednesday-morning-meeting-9am-est-topics-gratitude-keep-it-s/

<Desirae> this is an interesting topic for me
<Desirae> for many reasons
<Desirae> my family is Ojibwe,
<Desirae> from the Bear, Wolf, and Eagle Clans
<Desirae> every once in a while... odd things happen
<Desirae> I am convinced that they are not just a coincidence
<Desirae> we just got a foot of snow the other day
<Desirae> snow drifts up to the roof
<Desirae> and 40mph wind
<Desirae> this is troublesome for me
<Desirae> I have nerve damage in my back and I cannot tolerate cold
<Desirae> I have muscle spasms that bring me to my knees
<Desirae> yet, yesterday I braved it
<Desirae> and struggled out to put down an offering of tobacco... and tie a ribbon on my prayer tree
<Desirae> (my prayer tree evolved from a "God Box"
<Desirae> I had been praying for comfort from pain...

<Desirae> to get me through this storm and a second one on the way
<Desirae> when I went out this morning
<Desirae> there were Bear tracks the were circling my tree
<Desirae> the Bears are waking up early this year
<Desirae> the family I have from the Bear Clan are healers
<Desirae> my Mom was  a Medicine Woman
<Desirae> an elder of our tribe
<Desirae> she always told me that our creator, Gitchimanidoo as I choose to call him
<Desirae> will send the spirit of the bear when we truely need healing
<Desirae> this was a sign for me
<Desirae> to continue to keep a concious contact, and open lines of communication with my Higher Power
<Desirae> great topic & ty (((All))) for listening
<Desirae> done



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SUNDAY MORNING SPIRITUAL MEETING 10 A.M. (EST) - TOPIC: Where in nature have I found evidence of a Higher Power?

Topic: “Having had a Spiritual Awakening”

A Higher Power Working Through Nature - Chapter One


Today’s reading: “A Hidden Presence”


The website link to the group meeting room is http://www.12stepforums.net/chatroom2.html. There are other ways to join the room also. Using mIRC or other chat client, the server we are on is irc.chat4all.org, port 6667. which users will need to add to their IRC server list, and our room name (#alanonchat) to their IRC channels.

I can Overcome all things through my HP who strengthens me.

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Al-Anon co-founder, Lois W., said, "The word spirituality means so much it is hard to define… I think that spirituality is living a life that has a deeper meaning than the search for daily necessities. If we live spiritually in our daily life, then we find deeper fulfillment for ourselves… Every activity can have a spiritual motive."  (First Steps- Al-anon 35 years of beginnings pg. 156)


The theme of finding a deeper meaning in daily life serves as the thread that connects the fabric of the stories that follow. In many different voices, they describe ways of living that have revealed "a deeper meaning than the search for daily necessities."


Today's reading from Chapter One: A Hidden Presence


A few times in my life I’ve had the good fortune ot snorkel among schools of tropical fish, and I’ve rarely known such delight. My immersion with them was so complete that I’d even venture to call it a spiritual experience. I noticed when I floated among these fish that I felt large, healthy doses of emotions, emotions I had lost touch with while struggling with the effects of alcoholism. I felt fascination, excitement, joy, kee


I also felt keenly aware of visiting a magical kingdom that was essentially invisible to me when I wasn’t in the water. I almost heard a voice saying, "Now you see them, now you don’t, but even when you don’t see them, they’re still there."


“Swimming with these fish opened my eyes to a wider world in which I became reacquainted with a sense of wonder I haven’t known since childhood. I noticed a new anticipation about exploring the unknown territory that might lie ahead, both within and beyond myself.


Perhaps I could look forward to other voyages of discovery that would bring me the same sense of embracing my experience and my life. ~ United States

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