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Post Info TOPIC: Minutes of October 6, 2013 Business meeting

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Minutes of October 6, 2013 Business meeting

October 6, 2013 Business meeting members present: Tigger, Winnie, mspw, 
KathieG, bubblegum, davidg, xenon robinks, Shimo, grace, whackamole, Diane

> Tigger opened the meeting with the Serenity prayer. Agenda to include:
1.) Op’s and others doing chair actions without consultation.
2.) Cross-talking (including smiles and nods)
3.) The 5-7 minute time limit, do we need a symbol?
4.) Regular chair for every scheduled meeting.
5.) Newbies chairing when no scheduled meetings.
6.) Chairs to follow guidelines (post topics on both forum boards; use email sub list and meeting info board for non-attendance; make sure mibbits/guests sign in.)
7.) Protocol for dealing with mibbits in general.
8.) OP status for bubblegum and knowmadic.

> Mspw suggested we table posting on the Message board topic till the next meeting.
> Tigger suggested most pressing topic to tackle first was filling in all  meetings with chairs. This would include: Wednesday and Saturday mornings 
and Tuesday and Friday nights.
> Winnie offered to do whichever groups needed meetings, but has an old Apple computer that won’t take scripts. She also has less than one year Al-Anon. 
> Tigger asked for a vote for who was in favor of Winnie chairing with the support of another seasoned member/chair. Motion passed. 

> Second item up for discussion: Cross-talk
> A lengthy discussion of cross-talk ensued with the pro’s and con’s of having smiles and nods, or any verbal acknowledgement. It was decided and 
voted upon that smiles and nods would be accepted, but nothing resembling verbal “cross-talk” to be tolerated. This was to be added to the chairs 
reminders, and no one other than the chair is allowed to put these prompts into the room. Motion voted on and passed.

> Last item of discussion: Time Limit for shares
> Tigger proposed that we put up a signal, such as @@@ when share had reached 6 minutes, to warn the person sharing that they needed to wrap it up by 10 minutes. Vote was taken. All were in favor. Motion passed.
> Motion was made to close the meeting.Motion passed.

-- Edited by Tigger on Sunday 3rd of November 2013 12:33:39 PM

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